Your Pet Choices Defines Your Personality

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You can find pet lovers everywhere in the world. Even in the US, pets association declares that 62 percent of the population of US is having pets. Pets can be any animal may be dog, cat, bird, reptile etc. According to a research study, your pet choices define the truth about your personality. Here in this article we have taken some most loving pets and according to that the personality of that pet lover is defined.

• The dog person: Dogs are the most popular and loving pet in US. The dog people are extrovert people and love to go for outings and fun. These people love dogs because they want a companion to hang out with.
• The cat person: Cat people are the most adorable people; they are very trustworthy and creative. Yet they have anxiety and neuroticism though but they are the most dependable and emotionally sensitive people.
• The reptile person: Reptile people turns out to be the most independent people among all other pet people. It is very hard to cuddle most of the reptiles but this independence is probably the good thing. Reptiles don’t require much attention like dog and cat.
• The bird person: Bird people are little stranger than other because birds are whole different species from dogs and cats. Bird people are said to be more social and expressive then other pet people. Especially, female bird people are more dominant by nature.
• The animal person: People like and drawn to those pets which fits in their lifestyle and they want them in their lives. The pet they choose is according to their nature like outgoing and adventurous people likes to have dogs which can join them in activity. People who stays more at home loves to have the pet which is also home friendly.


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