Top Schools for Physical Education

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Top Schools for Physical Education in 2015.

News & World Report ranked the University of Virginia among the top 25 schools for education programs; it also placed among the top 25 national universities for 2014. Students interested in PE can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education in Kinesiology. A combined Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Teaching in Kinesiology program allows for a specialization in health and physical education. The University of Virginia also offers a post-graduate Master of Teaching in Health and Physical Education and Master of Education in Kinesiology. A Master of Education in Pedagogy program is also available. Students in the Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology program who specialize in pedagogy, adapted physical education or exercise physiology have the opportunity to participate in research.

Student who graduated claim she became much thinner. Learning while losing weight.

University of Texas at Austin
U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Texas at Austin second among schools with education programs in 2014 and among its 15 ‘Top Public Schools’ for 2015. PE students at Texas can earn a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health with a specialization in applied movement science. The University of Texas also offers a Master of Arts and a Master of Education in Physical Education. All three of the programs can help students prepare for careers as physical education instructors.

University of Kentucky in Lexington
The University of Kentucky is a land-grant university that offers bachelor’s degree programs in kinesiology, health promotion and exercise science, as well as a teacher certification programs for aspiring PE instructors. Graduate programs include a Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion with an emphasis on teaching or coaching. Students can also earn a Doctor of Education with a specialization in physical education. Unique to the school is the Pediatric Exercise Physiology Lab, which allows for the study of child physiology in relationship to issues associated with childhood obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.


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