The Father And Daughter Who Are Fighting For The Leadership Of The Extreme Right

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In France a family fight between father and daughter turns into a war for the leadership greed. The topic of this war that is leadership war is not seems to be a new one while talking about politics but the story is different as here we are talking about a war between a daughter, Far-right Front National leader, Marine Le Pen and her father, Jean-marie.
At the initial it was only a fight between them but it has turned to all-out war after Marine disowned by his father Jean as he told her to marry and change her name, and threatened legal action following his suspension from the party. Jean, who co-founded the FN in 1972 and was the president of the same got suspended from the party, over the inflammatory comments, he made belittling the Holocaust and lauding the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime. This 86 years old man also faces being stripped of his role as honorary president of the party.
The main cause behind this war seems to be the disciplinary action that his daughter has taken against him since she taken over the FN and she has led a drive to detoxify or clean up the party by moving it away from racist, jackbooted, anti-Semitic imagery of the past. By all these she supposed to silence her father. But instead of being silent Jean-marie has gone nuclear, who remains regional councilor, told the media that his daughter has behaved scandalous manner towards him and now he totally disowned her.
He tried to attack her in all vocal means and showed her that it is just the beginning of the war. In response, marine Le Pen said her father was in provocation mode and was acting maliciously towards her. Furthermore, she said that she has a feeling that her father can’t digest the fact that FN stands without him.


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