Spoil yourself with Nike!

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You have the chance to really spoil yourself in the coming months with a $100 Nike Gift Card. The gift card could be yours – at no expense to you! It is a matter of simply entering your email address for the chance to be the lucky recipient of a $100 Gift Card. With this complementary Gift Card you can walk into any of the 1,158 Kohl’s stores and get all the latest Nike gear for you and your loved ones.

What can you get with a Nike Gift Card?

The simple answer is anything and everything of the Nike brand sold at Kohl’s for $100 or less. During the holiday season there are plenty of people you could make happy with a gift of Nike clothing, equipment, gear or accessories. Let your loved one start the New Year with new Nike clothing, or dress your kids with cool Nike outfits for all the holiday parties. Alternatively, why not spoil yourself with some new Nike gear for the holidays. You could also give the Nike Gift Card as a present to someone for the New Year or their birthday then they can choose their own Nike apparel.

Kohl’s sells a wide range of Nike products including men’s shoes, clothing, sports bags, backpacks, caps, gloves, socks and much more. You could even use your Nike Gift Card on a Nike+FuelBand which tracks your activity while you are working out and lets you know how you are progressing towards your goals and in comparison with other athletes. In the women’s department your Gift Card could get you the latest Nike Zoom Fit Agility sports shoes for training workouts, stylish running gear, pro bras, sexy Nike pants in bright colors, tights, leggings, yoga wear, T-shirts, hoodies and much more. If you have kids in your life then you can spoil them with your Gift Card. Kids love to show off by wearing the Nike brand so get them cool AirMAX sports shoes, fleece jackets, sweatshirts, sneakers or backpacks. Boys will love the LeBron T-shirts, basketball shorts and hoodies. Girls can show off in Nike leg-A-See Swoosh leggings, Nike Perf Reversible headbands, hats and gloves. So you see the list of things you could buy when you receive your complementary $100 Nike Gift Card for Kohl’s is endless!

Whether you choose to spoil yourself or your loved ones this holiday season, there is plenty to buy in the Nike section at Kohl’s with your $100 Nike Gift Card. Choose from the wide range of footwear, sports gear, apparel, equipment or accessories and start the New Year in style.


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