Brilliant Doritos Commercial!

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Brilliant Doritos Commercial! The Super Bowl ads once again stole the show for many viewers, despite a nail-biting end to the New England Patriots’ win over the Seattle Seahawks. WATCH THE VIDEO DOWN HERE: 🙂

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This Kid Can Kick Your ASS

When other boys of his age are probably playing outside and just being normal 5-year-old kids, Giuliano Stroe goes to the gym and works out with his dad, a practice he’...

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Feel Like a Burger?

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Beauty is an Eye Shadow Away!

CoverGirl is one of the leading names in make-up, the band features on TV's Top Model and other prominent shows where celebrities use the top quality products. You may or...

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How to get a new iPhone 6

These days everyone has a mobile phone; the only question is which phone they have. It is one of the first questions people ask when discussing phones and unfortunately f...

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Spoil yourself with Nike!

You have the chance to really spoil yourself in the coming months with a $100 Nike Gift Card. The gift card could be yours - at no expense to you! It is a matter of simpl...

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