What Really Makes Us Happy?

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On one hand happiness is a subjective concept, which varies from individual to individual. On the other hand as members of the human race we share many common physical, mental and emotional factors in common. Some factors causing happiness are common to the whole human race and scientific studies have recently proved that we can  … Read more


5 Signs for need of a Therapy

Most people can get benefit from therapy at least at some point in their lives. Sometimes the signs are obvious and natural but at other times you may feel something slig...

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How to Add 20 Years to Your Life

If you think that your years of life depends on how long your grandparents and parents live, you are only partly right. Of course, genetics certainly have an impact on yo...

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How Does Food Affect Our Brains?

The abundance or lack of relevant nutrients in our bodies can affect our cognitive process and emotions. Our brains require certain nutrients in order to carry out normal...

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