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Believe it or not there is a health supplement, which can satisfy all your health needs. It helps solve existing ailments, eliminates potential problems and helps protect you from future health issues. Today, most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. We have insufficient sleep, bad nutrition and not enough exercise. Our bodies cannot keep up with the volume and complexity of food we consume. Undigested food backs up in our colon (large intestine) and ineffectual elimination of waste causes constipation and general bad health. This results in the toxins being reabsorbed into our system, accumulation of heavy metals, chronic fatigue, discomfort and in the worst case scenario, disease.

An effective dietary supplement can solve fatigue, low energy levels, water retention, bloating and a weakened immune system. A good Detox supplement can also be an effective weight loss formula by lowering your appetite and speeding up your metabolism leading to weight loss. Excess fat will be burned by the accelerated metabolic rate, your increased energy levels, improved stamina and endurance during exercise workouts. This formula raises the levels of serotonin putting you into a better mood and eliminating the need for emotional eating.

The Magic Ingredients which Achieve Weight Loss, Detox and Improved Health

The components of this overall health supplement and detox formula consist of a combination of pectin extracted from citrus and alginates, which are extracted from seaweed. The two active ingredients work together to cleanse your blood and intestinal tract. They inhibit the absorption of additional toxins and expel those which are already in your system. Detoxify your body, eliminate heavy metals and give you an overall feeling of well being.

Citrus Pectin

Citrus Pectin is rich in flavonoids which have anti-carcinogenic properties and inhibit tumor growth. The pectin protects against heart disease including atherosclerosis and coronary peripheral artery disease. Citrus pectin works together with a high vitamin C content, citrus potassium and folic acid to achieve overall good health. Tests have shown that pectin works as an antioxidant against cholesterol in the bloodstream. Among the many benefits of pectin it regulates the intestinal tract and maintains bacterial flora. When your intestines are working efficiently digesting, absorbing and eliminating food your diet efforts will be given a significant boost and you will lose weight faster.


Algenate is extracted from brown seaweed it is a soluble dietary fiber which is unaffected by the acids in our digestive system. Tests have shown that algenate can prevent the decomposition of undigested food fat so that it is evacuated from the body as waste via the colon. Alginate accelerates the metabolism causing the body to digest food more thoroughly and expel unwanted water more efficiently thus aiding weight loss.

There is no need to take more than one supplement. With this effective detox and weight loss supplement you will improve your general health, lose weight, flush out toxins from your body and ensure a brighter future for yourself.


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