The New Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss

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Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring phenolic compound in red raspberries. Phenols are a natural chemical compound consisting of a hydroxyl (covalent oxygen atom and hydrogen atom) group bonded to an aromatic hydrocarbon group. The sweet pleasant odor of this naturally occurring chemical compound gives the berries their appealing aroma. Raspberry ketone is also a natural antioxidant. Raspberry ketone is extracted from the berries and used in a number of industries including cosmetics, perfume, as a natural food additive and to improve hair growth.

Now raspberry ketone has become a popular and effective tool in weight loss. Raspberry ketone first gained national attention as a weight loss product when it was the focus of a Dr. Oz segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle.” It is believed that raspberry ketone increases the metabolism and may affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin. Adiponectin is secreted by fat cells and contributes to regulating the blood glucose levels in the body and breaking down fat. The raspberry ketone speeds up your metabolism thus lowering the levels of fat in your body.

The benefits cannot be obtained by eating raspberries as the concentration is not high enough. However raspberry ketone supplements contain 1200mg of natural extract in each capsule so you can lose weight and improve your overall health. The capsules contain no additives or fillers and being 100% natural have no side effects. Scientific study into the fat-burning powers of raspberry ketone are ongoing. In Japan a study was done on mice where they were fed a high-fat diet and raspberry ketone and did not become obese (Life Science Journal Feb 2005) and in Korea a similar study was made on rates with positive results (Planta Medica, April 2010).

The raspberry ketone supplement is no longer considered just another diet it is taken regularly by an estimated 5 million people worldwide. The fact that it is safe, natural and packed with anti-oxidants and health boosters has make it a positive supplement for everyday use.

You don’t have to commit to raspberry ketones immediately; instead you could take advantage of the free trial offer by Bio Active Raspberry. See the results for yourself and then decide. A bottle of 60 capsules of all-natural raspberry ketone formula also contains other fat-burning elements including acai berry for reduced appetite; African mango for a speedy metabolism; apple cider vinegar for maintaining weight loss and overall good health and the anti-oxidant resveratrol. Raspberry ketone diet capsules are an effective no-risk way of improving your general health, losing weight and speeding up your metabolism in a completely natural way.


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