The New Innovative Hair Removal Technology

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The latest discovery for removing unwanted body hair is Sense-Light technology. It is the long awaited answer to painful waxing, harmful laser treatments, ugly shaving and smelly hair removal creams. Sensa-Light offers a safe and gentle way to remove hair from all parts of your body including sensitive areas like your face and bikini area. You can use it on your face, arms, under-arms, legs, bikini area and belly, in fact on your entire body. Sensa-Light hair removal can be used on skin of all types and colors. Pain free hair removal has been an unreachable goal until now.

The new pain free hair removal device can be held in the palm of your hand as you roll it over your skin. The Sensa-Light head is only activated when it “senses” it is against your skin and hair. When it is activated a fine oscillating blade moves against a second stationary blade and painlessly cuts off the hair. The effortless motion continues as you roll the hand-held device over your skin.

There is no cream, water or wax involved so you won’t have to clean up after your hair removal. There are no long wires dragged across the room and you don’t have to pay a fortune and go to a special professional to get your unwanted body hair removed. As it is not laser, your skin pigmentation is not affected. Your hair will not grow back thicker or darker when using this method of hair removal.

How to Remove Hair Painlessly?

The device is used in a dry environment. You simple switch it on, hold the head of the palm-size device against your skin and when the Sensa-Light head comes in contact with your skin the unit will be activated and hair removal will begin. As long as the head of the device is touching your skin it will be activated. It deactivates 6 seconds after you remove it from your skin. When you have finished removing unwanted body hair simply switch the device off. The Sensa-Light device comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and a charging cord. You can do your hair removal while the device is plugged into the wall or charge the device and use it cable-free.

Unwanted body hair is a constant problem for women, whether it is an unsightly mustache or hairy legs on the beach we all want to look our best. With the latest Sensa-Light technology you don’t have to pay a fortune, have red marks from shaving around your bikini area or suffer the pain of waxing. This is a pain-free way of making sure you always look and feel your best.


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