All You Needed To Know About Green Coffee Extract

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Green coffee extract hit the health store shelves in 2012 as the latest supplement. The benefits of green coffee extract are listed as helping to balance blood sugar levels in diabetes, easing depression, promoting cardiovascular health, fighting fatigue, reducing hypertension and improving blood pressure. However the main reason people are so enthusiastic about green coffee extract is because it promotes weight loss. The extract has proved to be an effective tool in natural weight loss and without side effects.

What is green coffee extract?

Green coffee extract is derived from unroasted coffee beans. The raw beans still contain all their natural goodness, once roasted many of the benefits disappear. The active ingredients in green coffee extract increase the rate of your metabolism resulting in speedier weight loss. To insure that the process is even more effective the goodness from the green coffee beans is extracted and concentrated so that the powerful ingredients are even more intense. The pure green bean extract is high in anti-oxidants and 100% safe and natural. Green coffee extract’s secret weapon against fat is CGA.


The magic ingredient in green coffee extract is chlorogenic acid (CGA). This naturally occurring compound improves vasoreactivity, eliminates free radicals, stimulates the metabolism and even fights aging. It melts away fat, slows down the rate at which sugar is dissolved in your body and thus prevents new fat from forming. Because CGA prevents new fat forming and melts away existing fat deposits it can be taken regularly for the rest of your life as a healthily addition to your nutritional intake.

Although sufficient levels of CGA are found in coffee, the roasting process produces a compound called HHQ, which inhibits the effectiveness of CGA. When taken as a pure extract you don’t get the HHQ and the powerful benefits of CGA can work their magic.

One of the most prominent champions of green coffee extract is Dr. OZ who devoted an entire program to the miracle weight loss supplement. Green coffee extract has been featured on CBS, abcNEWS, in Shape magazine and on theView. People across the globe have already tried the green coffee supplement and approximately 5 million people take green coffee extract on a daily basis not only for weight loss but for their general health.

Several outlets and companies have come up with super drinks loaded with CGA but the problem is they are also loaded with sugar. If you want to lose weight using coffee it can’t be done by drinking the brew. The correct way to increase your CGA intake is to take a green coffee extract supplement. If you’re interested in this supplement then start with a green coffee extract free trial. Green coffee extract with active CGA results in fast, safe and natural weight loss.


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