Minimum Exercise, Maximum Results

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These days everyone leads a very busy life and no one has enough time to do long duration exercises. There has been a settled belief that for staying fit and getting a healthy body, a heavy exercise schedule is necessary. The good news is that you can get the perfect body with only 25 minutes exercise a day. If you can’t spend long time in the gym for heavy exercises, here is how you can get into the shape quickly and easily.
We have talked with the fitness experts and they suggested a workout plan for a smaller duration which helps you to get stronger. It also varies from day to day so that you do not get bored. It only requires 25 minutes of your precious time and each workout concentrates on a particular muscle group of your body so that you are not working on all the body parts daily. Since the time commitment is small, it is really easier for you to go with the schedule.
You can organize your workouts with whatever combinations you like. If you prefer core based workout plan, then you can do more core-based exercises every week. Arrange the workout schedule in a routine that suits you well and works well for you. Take a look at a sample schedule here which you can use for a good balanced workout.
• Monday – Upper body workout
• Tuesday- Core workout
• Wednesday- Lower body workout
• Thursday – Upper body workout
• Friday – Core workout
• Saturday – Lower body workout
• Sunday – Relaxation time

The goal of this workout plan is to keep moving with very short breaks for full 25 minutes. By covering all the body parts in a week combined with a balanced diet, you will surely find your body getting in shape with just 25 minutes of per day exercise.

25 Minutes Exercise a Day

Studies have shown that the first 30 minutes of any workout are the most effective – so why continue for another hour. Within the first 30 minutes of any workout you burn calories with the same intensity that you do with a longer session. The 25 minute a day workout achieves the same results as an hour workout by keeping you focused 100% of the time. The workout gives you no time to rest, it uses Focus Interval Training to work every muscle group in turn. You remain within your optimal fat-burning zone for the entire 25 minutes and that is how it gets faster and more effective results. With just 25 minutes a day you can get the perfect body, improve your health, save time, save money and all in the privacy of your own home.

Once you have lost weight and toned up your body you will have more energy, more confidence and like yourself a lot more. Your clothes will fit you better and you’ll probably be able to buy a lot more new clothes too. No matter what your fitness level and no matter how busy your schedule is you can fit in 25 minutes a day of fat-burning exercise.


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