How to Know if you Have Herpes?

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Are you one of the many people who have heard about a nasty disease called herpes and think you may have it? Well if you do have herpes you are not alone. One in six people in the USA alone is infected with the disease.

What is herpes and how do you catch it?

Herpes is a virus. One form of herpes (herpes simplex type 1) is caught from a carrier through contact with their skin, oral secretions or sores on the skin. Perhaps by sharing cutlery, drinking from the same bottle, using their toothbrush or kissing. Another form of herpes is only caught through sexual conduct with someone who has genital HSV-2. If someone with type 1 herpes performs oral sex they can infect their partner with genital herpes. Females, those with multiple sexual partners, those with a weakened immune system or those who already have a STD are more prone to be infected with herpes.

Genital herpes affects the genital area and is the most predominant sexually transmitted infection (STI). Untreated herpes can lead to blisters, open sores, cracked raw skin, itching, and inflammation, pain during intercourse or urination and long term internal damage. Once you are infected the virus never leaves the body. Following the first episode of herpes it moves from the skin cells to the nerve cells and remains there dormant until becoming active again. Stress, illness, fever, menstrual periods and sun exposure can be the trigger which activates the dormant virus.

How to fix herpes

Herpes is incurable, but it is treatable. Although there may not be a cure for herpes it is possible to live a fulfilled life without the pain and shame of the disease. It is possible to treat herpes with prescription medication from a doctor. However these medicines come with a level of risk and are not always effective. Prescription medication for herpes comes with a long list of side effects including constipation, fatigue, bloody diarrhea, fever, pale skin, weakness, weight gain, mood changes, back pain and difficulty urinating.

The alternative is a 100% natural and risk-free oral and genital herpes treatment enabling you to live free from the pain and stigma of herpes. This solution reduces the itching, pain and irritability of your infection. You will begin to see and feel results within a day and in 6 days or less you could have your herpes under control. This natural herpes treatment decreases the frequency and severity of your herpes outbreaks. This herpes treatment comes with a number of benefits but most importantly the herpes outbreaks become less sever, less frequent, less itchy, less visible and less painful. With a natural solution to herpes there are no side effects.

So if you don’t want to experience the physical pain, frustration or embarrassment of herpes then it is time to take action and get rid of your herpes. You no longer have to live in fear of the herpes symptoms coming back.


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