How to Have Multiple Orgasms?

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Whether you are trying to give yourself multiple orgasms or to have them with a partner you will need to steer your hand or your partner in the right direction. Play with yourself and get to know your body using your hand or sex toys. To orgasm you need to be relaxed, comfortable, prolong foreplay and find the position which works best for you. Usually the reverse missionary (girl sitting on top) position is the easiest position for women to achieve multiple-orgasms as they have control over the friction and manipulation of the clitoris.
Timing is Everything
The major mistake that women make when trying to achieve multiple orgasms is trying to go full speed, non-stop at the same intensity level for a long time. Mistakenly thinking that maintaining this high intensity is the way to multiple orgasms. But it is not, you need short periods (even a few seconds) to relax between orgasms. Multiple orgasms require variations in speed, changing the area of the clitoris and vagina that you stimulate and pacing yourself like a marathon runner not a sprinter. Don’t make the mistake of thinking multiple orgasms means going at 100 miles an hour non-stop continuously. You need to play with the pace, take yourself on a rollercoaster ride so that the highs are the orgasms and the lows allow you time to build-up speed.
The Secret to Clitoral Multi-Orgasms
There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris and many women find it too sensitive to immediately go for a second orgasm having achieved their initial orgasm. Well here is something most women don’t know. There is one spot on the clitoris which is more sensitive than the rest. This “hot spot” is on your left side almost at the top. Or if you were looking directly at your vagina and your clitoris were a clock, the hot spot would be at 2 o’clock. So if you have achieved your first orgasm and need to relax a bit but still not lose the impetus then concentrate on the rest of your vagina not on the hot spot. When you feel calmed down enough to continue and go for a second orgasm then direct your partner (or your hand) to the hot spot. In this way you can play around moving from the more sensitive to the less sensitive areas of your clitoris to arouse and relax yourself to built up for your second (third and fourth) orgasm.
If you are extremely sensitive then leave the clitoris all together for a while after your first orgasm and concentrate on the labia and vulva while your body has a chance to recover and prepare for the next orgasm. You might need as little as 30 seconds break between orgasms in order to prepare for the next but your body needs this time.

The G-Spot is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. It is possible to have multiple orgasms by stimulating the G-Spot but probably easier by stimulating the clitoris. Once you have achieved the first clitoral orgasm you can move on to stimulating the G-spot for another wave of pleasure.


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