How to Add 20 Years to Your Life

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If you think that your years of life depends on how long your grandparents and parents live, you are only partly right. Of course, genetics certainly have an impact on your life but you have more control than you might assume. When you will turn 55, only about 30% age is based on your genes, and 50% on when you’re younger and the rest is due to your lifestyle choices.
These are some habits which can add years to your life:

This is important to keep the body weight steady which helps in lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Walking 30 minutes in a day can do the trick.
Workout or physical exercise is as important as walking so snatch some more time from the busy day and do some exercise.
Go to bed few minutes earlier
Proper and adequate sleep is very necessary for the body.
Do some strength training
Strength training makes your muscles stronger and also boosts metabolism. Weight bearing also strengthens your bones.
Floss daily
A healthy smile can also lead to healthy heart.
Eat healthy
Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Healthy and fresh fruits will give you better health.
Manage stress
Of course, you can’t control the load of your work on your head. But a highly stressed man will live a shorter life compared to the one who manages his stress.
Stop smoking
It’s one of the worst and bad habits but your health improves immediately after you quit. Just 10-20 minutes after you stop smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure drops. Two weeks to three months after you quit smoking, your circulation and lung function will get improved.


Emma O'Donnell is a New York-based reporter with her expertise in health, leisure, finance, technology, telecommunication and media.