Hanging without Banging!

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Hanging a picture on the wall usually involves using a nail. This means banging the nail into the wall with a hammer without damaging the plaster or your fingers. If you manage to get the nail into the wall then it is only a matter of time before it falls out or needs to be taken out and the wall repaired. The nail leaves a gaping hole in the wall which needs to be filled with plaster, sanded down and painted over. Well there is an easier solution, one which doesn’t involve nails, hammers or sore fingers.

There are now small square sticker-like grips which are made with ultra-tight, double sided adhesive, are easy to use, painless, and will last as long as you choose. Also, they will leave no mess when you want to remove them. This new way of hanging objects easily can be used on any surface, even surfaces where a nail would not be appropriate like on ceramics, in your car, on your desk, fridge, plastic, kitchen cabinets, glass, drywall, tile, wood or steel. This has incredible advantages for those renting an apartment or staying in a dorm room where you don’t want to damage the walls. Because, they can be removed easily leaving no damage to the surface where they have been attached.

These innovative grips can hold more than 5lbs (2.26kg) and can be reused more than 1,000 times. You can apply them to a surface, use them as long as you want and then take them down and reapply in a new location without leaving a mark or damaging the grip. The grips are washable and leave no sticky residue. The grip squares are 3″ by 2.5″ (7.6cm X 6.35cm).

Another product in the same line is the incredible grip hook. The same concept is used – an adhesive square, but this time instead of a flat adhesive surface on one side the grip has a hook. You can attach the grip to the wall in the same way and use the hook to hang any object you want. Just like the grip squares the hooks are reusable, removable and extremely strong.

How to use Grips and Grip Hooks

The grips take three seconds to apply to the wall. Step one is to remove the covering off of the adhesive grip square. Then stick it in place on the back of the object you wish to hang. Finally line-up your picture or object on the wall or other surface and press it firmly in place. The picture or object will immediately grip to the wall and remain firmly in place.

You no longer need to damage your walls, bang your fingers or waste money. The adhesive grip squares are affordable and as they are reusable will save you money in the future. Make your life easier with these easy-to-use and reusable adhesive squares for hanging anything on any surface.


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