Greatest Dutch contributions to the world

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The Dutch migrants in 1950s were the first foreigners many New Zealand people had met. The Dutch came to be seen as hard working and sensible nation builders. But, some of the first wave attracted criticism for hard working and were told to slow down in the workplace. The industrious Dutchie soon became a national archetype and qualities like abruptness and thrift were seen as typical of the new arrivals.

Dutch has contributed a lot to the world and some of his major contributions to the world are:

Dutch has given a new approach to hospitality by introducing new customs and foods, practices and ideas. Auckland restaurateur Otto Groen challenged the conservative drinking laws of the day and started offering liquor with the meals in his restaurant. Van Camp chocolate, Vogel’s bread and Verkerk small goods are among the flavors of Europe introduced by Dutch.
Art and Design
Dutch have bought challenging and fresh ideas of art and design. A distinctive Dutch contribution to design is evident in such commercial enterprises as Rembrandt Suits and Lockwood Homes. An artist, Indonesian born, Theo Schoon occupies a significant place in art for helping stimulate interest in jade carving, gourd carving and Maori rock drawings. Frank Carpay was also an innovative designer and decorator of ceramics at Crown Lynn Potteries.
Dutch males have gained acceptance in the world through sport, especially soccer. Dick Quaxe is the record breaker in the 1970’s as a middle distance runner. Dutch born Yvonne Willering helped to put netball on the map, first as a Silver Ferns player and later on as a coach. And All Black prop Kees Meeuws has an unmistakably Dutch name.
Farming and horticulture
An early Dutch contribution to the landscape was Friesian cows. Dutch are special expertise in dairy farming and another specialty of Dutch is growing Tulips.


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