How to Cure Back Pain Naturally?

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Many people suffer from back pain and most go to the doctor for help. However, doctors usually prescribe some form of drug or pain killer to relieve the agony. For people who want to avoid drugs there are usually few options and almost certainly the doctor won’t suggest any natural solutions to your pain. There is a completely natural way to relieve back pain but first we need to understand how the back pain was created.

How is Back Pain Created?

Bodies naturally require a balance between leaning backwards and leaning forwards. People tend to lean forward most of the time, whether it is to look at their mobile phone, computer, tie their shoes, write at a desk, slouching on the couch, stir a pot on the stove or lift heavy objects. This causes an imbalance which throws out our necks and shoulders as well as our hips, lower back and knees. Our core balance is unsettled and the result is back pain. The ideal natural solution to back pain is one which restores your natural core balance by putting extension into your body and realigning your spine to give you stability.

How can Core Balance Be Achieved Naturally?

Using a back bridge which is made up of four tiers of comfortable, precisely curved plastic layers you can restore your natural core balance. You lie on the arched back bridge which works with the natural curvature of your spine. As you use the back bridge your spine is realigned by putting it into extension or stretching your back out. This is repeated just 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening. The position your back is put into counteracts core imbalance, decompressing the spine and relieving your pain. The spine becomes realigned along its entire length from tailbone to neck. Your spine will regain its natural flexibility and as your back pain improves you can progressively adjust the four levels of the back bridge. The stackable tiers of the back bridge can be used according to your comfort level and adjusted as your body changes.

The back bridge is not “worn” and you don’t have to sleep on it, it is used simply for 2 minutes at a time twice a day. If you want you can use it as a chair support or on your car seat. As your back adjusts and your natural core balance is returned you will feel the harmful effects of years of bad posture being corrected. Your overall health will improve and most importantly you will get relief from back pain. Using this method to relieve you of back pain is so simple and natural that anyone can use it no matter what their age, size or fitness level.


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