How to clean your Whole House with one Product

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There are many disadvantages to using multiple cleaning products, one for each different cleaning function. Firstly you need a lot of storage space to keep all those bottles. Secondly you’re not doing the environment any favors with the multitude of chemicals entering the environment and the use of tons of plastic packaging. And thirdly you have to clean the house by carrying around so many different spray bottles and cleaning products or relay back to the storage space to swop bottles between cleaning tasks. Of course there is also the fact that many of these products don’t actually work. However there is now a product on the market which is multipurpose and not only that – it works!

Where can you Use this Multipurpose Cleaner?

This new product replaces many household cleaners. You can use it as a stain remover on clothing, as a detergent booster, wall cleaner, tile cleaner, remove scuff marks and use as a carpet cleaner. This remarkable all-in-one household cleaning product works on pet stains, red wine, dirty stucco walls, in kitchens and on outdoor furniture. It is a super charged stain fighter for your toughest stains.

How Does the All-in-One Stain Remover and Household Cleaner Work?

When you order this product you will receive a spray bottle with a specially designed V-tube so that you can use the spray bottle at any angle and product will still come out of the nozzle. The tube which feeds the product to the nozzle literally follows the liquid around in the bottle. You can even use the spray bottle upside down. The tube follows the liquid around the bottle so you can reach ever last drop of the cleaning product. You will be saving money as you won’t have to waste any of the precious cleaning liquid.

The product comes in the form of concentrated tablets (you get 20 tablets with your first order). The tablets are the size of a quarter. You drop the tablet into the spray bottle and fill it up with ordinary tap water. The tablet dissolves turning the water into an invincible cleaning solution. You can put one of the tablets into your dishwasher to give the detergent a powerful boost. The product has no bleach and requires no heavy scrubbing. The secret is in the millions of oxygen bubbles which penetrate the stain to blast it away.

Stains come out as if they were never there, whether it is on a soft or hard surface and without breaking your back scrubbing. Stains may be tough but they are not invincible and with this magic cleaner you can tackle any household cleaning problem. Save yourself time, money and frustration by using this new all-in-one cleaning product.


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