Sprint, Boost Mobile or Cox – Which Carrier is Better? Reviews

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Sprint Sprint is the 4th largest mobile network operator in America. They offer great deals on phones, watches, tablets, hotspot devices and other accessories like portable charging pads. Sprint currently serves 54 million customers in the USA and this year completed the world’s first over-the-air 5G data transmission in preparation for launch in the first  … Read more


Italy: How To Deal With The Problem Of Immigration

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Refugees Fleeing North African Turmoil Reach Italian Island

The policy of Italy’s immigration for years has been determined by northern regionalist political party Lega Nord. This political party gas laid down rigid rules limiting the entry of immigrants, with disastrous consequences. Lampedusa has become the personification of unsuccessful immigration policy of Italy and even Europe. Thousands of African refugees after risking their lives  … Read more

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How Did The Muslim Mayor Of Holland Affect Europe?

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The mayor of Rotterdam, who is Moroccan-born, told in the live television that those Muslims who have a problem with western culture can pack their bags and leave. This sentence of his shocked the television audience and Muslims. Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Muslim Labor politician, made the remarks about last week’s deadly attacks on French satirical  … Read more

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Canada’s Best Workplaces 2015

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A research firm has done the research named great place to work and it has revealed the Canadian list. This Canadian list is the part of the world’s largest annual workplace study. Google and AOL Canada have held on the top two spots in an annual ranking of Canada’s 100 best workplaces released. In this  … Read more

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How Does Music Influence Our Brains?

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Neuroscientists agree that music affects our brains in the most complex ways. Different areas of the brain have to work together when listening to music. The auditory cortex in the temporal lobe assesses the sound received by the ears and determines the pitch and volume. Amygdale triggers our emotional reaction to music. Cerebellum is also  … Read more


Why Should your Kids Read Dr. Seuss?

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It is a known fact that reading to children at an early age and encouraging them to be book lovers adds to the child’s literacy development. Children begin learning long before their formal education starts. Early reading helps develop a child’s memory, vocabulary, concentration, imagination and life skills. Of all the many books you could  … Read more