Canada’s Best Workplaces 2015

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A research firm has done the research named great place to work and it has revealed the Canadian list. This Canadian list is the part of the world’s largest annual workplace study. Google and AOL Canada have held on the top two spots in an annual ranking of Canada’s 100 best workplaces released. In this list of 100 workplaces, Google was ranked in first place for the best large and multinational company. In the list the second place was held by AOL Canada and third place was held by Autodesk Canada.
AOL Canada is the parent company of Huffing Post Canada. The top rankings are continuously dominated by the tech companies in the large category. Other financial institutions like TD bank, RBC and Scotia bank are moving up several levels on the list over last year. This research firm in The Great Places to Work also compiled a list of the best workplaces for women, with health food producer Vega taking the top rank.
Here are the top 5 companies in the large and Canada’s best workplaces category:
Deloitte: Deloitte is a large company with 8,088 employees; it offers professional services and is a private owned company.
BMW Group Canada: BMW is a group working for manufacturing and production of automobiles. It has 228 employees and it is also privately owned company.
McDonald’s Canada: McDonald’s is a retailer of food and grocery. It is a private company and it has 17,931 employees.
RBC: RBC is a publicly held company offering financial services, insurance and Banking services. It has 58,188 employees working for it.
Scotiabank: it is a publicly held institution which offers financial services, insurance and banking services. 37,799 employees are working under it. It is a large and multinational company of Canada.


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