Body Transformation In 60 Days

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Following a high-intensity workout program is tough, but the results are worth it. There is no denying that the fastest way to get super fit is to undertake a high-intensity workout. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune at a fancy gym or with a personal trainer. In fact you can follow the most rigorous and intense workout program in the comfort of your own home using the toughest and most challenging training DVD that exists.

What is a High-Intensity Workout?

Traditional interval strength training keeps you at a moderate pace with occasional bursts of intense speed and energy exertion when your pulse rate rises for a short time before returning to the moderate rate. With the ultimate high-intensity workout traditional interval training is replaced by flat out blocks of 3-5 minute high-intensity exercise followed by short breaks only long enough to catch your breath. In this way your body is kept at its maximum capacity throughout the workout. This method is called Max Interval Training; it pushes you to your limits and forces your body to break bad habits and change to meet the challenge. More calories are burnt, more muscle is formed and you will see results in a shorter period of time if you follow a workout which uses Max Interval Training.

A high-intensity workout is not for everyone. People, who have not exercised before, are not willing to commit to the program or who have any medical conditions should try some other form of low-impact exercise. A high-intensity workout is exclusively for those willing and able to take on extreme cardio and strength training.

What does the Hardest High-Intensity Workout DVD Entail?

Firstly you have to be ready to commit to the workout program 100%. You will get insane results within 60 days but only if you follow the DVD seriously. Unlike other high-intensity workouts you won’t need expensive equipment or weights.

The intense program includes nine full-body workouts for calorie burning and body shredding as well as five Max Interval Workouts. And just when you think you’ve reached your limit there are four more workouts where the high-intensity periods get longer and the rest periods shorter. In addition, you can burn calories even faster by following the included nutrition plan and monitor your progress using the 60 day wall calendar. You won’t be completely by yourself while going through this intense program as you can have live chats with the creator of the program and chat to others like you who are also facing the high-intensity workout challenge. With this high-intensity workout DVD you get to exercise in the privacy of your own home, lose weight, get results faster than any other program and develop strength, endurance and the perfect body.


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