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It is possible to get a degree from the comfort of your own home but not all online universities are created equally. Each year several respected websites, institutions, newspapers and education authorities publish a list of the best universities in the world as well as the best online universities. These universities have been chosen because of their accredited programs, academic excellence, cost, reputation, teaching methods and scope of online courses they offer. Several institutions always seem to appear at the top of the list like Harvard University Extension School, John Hopkins University, Walden University, Central Michigan University and SUNY College of Technology-Delhi. However one online university features on all the “best” lists.

Pennsylvania State –World Campus

Penn’s online programs have a total enrolment of almost 4,000 students worldwide. The average tuition is $518 per credit and the application deadline is June 30th. When assessed by students Penn was given 4 out of 5. Penn does not deny admittance to qualified applicants. The average class size is 26 students and the online faculty consists of 264 full-time educational professionals. At Penn there are many degree options which can be earned entirely online and from anywhere in the world. Their most popular online degrees are Registered Nursing, psychology, business, criminal justice and organizational behavior studies. In addition they offer interesting options like energy and sustainability policy, political science and economics. There are two-year web-based associate and master’s programs as well. Although there is no 24/7 technical support you can expect a response from instructors within 24 hours. Financial aid is available from the university and federal funding.

The online programs have an 83% job placement rate, a 30% financial aid rate and an impressive 6.42 to 1 faculty to student ratio. Penn has the world’s first fully online Psychology Club which connects 100 students worldwide. All of the online lectures are kept online so that they can be accessed at anytime. The university offers a wide range of online programs. Students studying online can consult with academic advisors and student support services. The online courses have accreditation from many government and educational bodies.

Penn State World Campus Named on All the “Best” Lists

Penn is a world famous university in its own right with their physical campus in Maryland. Penn features in all the “best” lists for online universities for 2014-2015. lists Penn as the number one choice for online education in 2014. (Open Education Database) ranks Penn number one for their criminal justice programs and psychology programs. With Penn comes in at number three for their online bachelor’s program and Penn also features on’s list for 2014-2015. The cost of studying at Penn’s online school is acknowledged on Penn has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal for producing the best prepared and most rounded graduates who are most able to succeed and USNEWS named Penn as the best college for veterans in 2014.

Perhaps the most important thing is that there is no distinction between an online Penn degree and one earned on the traditional campus. With an online degree at Penn you will receive prestige and academic excellence on a par with any top campus-based education.


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