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Trista's expertise is in figuring out what peoples need to do to change and succeed, build plans to achieve that, and lead them in executing on that way in order to live well.

Greatest Dutch contributions to the world

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The Dutch migrants in 1950s were the first foreigners many New Zealand people had met. The Dutch came to be seen as hard working and sensible nation builders. But, some of the first wave attracted criticism for hard working and were told to slow down in the workplace. The industrious Dutchie soon became a national  … Read more

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What Really Makes Us Happy?

On one hand happiness is a subjective concept, which varies from individual to individual. On the other hand as members of the human race we share many common physical, mental

How Does Food Affect Our Brains?

The abundance or lack of relevant nutrients in our bodies can affect our cognitive process and emotions. Our brains require certain nutrients in order to carry out normal cognitive thinking