7 Things Healthy People Do Each Morning

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How do you start your day? Do you follow a routine like waking up at the same hour and spending the day with the same list of things to do? Most of the things that healthy people do in the morning set the course of their rest of the day. For them, it maximizes focus, productivity and contentment for the rest of the day. Intention goes more deep than goals. If you think what they are doing is worth your time then get ready for the challenge of incorporating the same healthy habits.

• Drink a glass of water as you wake up in the morning –  This hydrates your body boosts up your digestive system, and gets the all things flowing. You may notice positive changes like clear skin and better digestion.
• Do not check your laptop or phone for at least an hour – If you sleep with your cell phone just next to you and grab it as the first thing when you wake then this is not a good habit.
• Think of the one thing for which you have gratitude – Thinking of the one thing, you have gratitude for sets the stage of positivity throughout the day.
• Go outside and take a deep breath – Fill your lungs with fresh air no matter if it’s cold outside. This only takes your 10 seconds and it reminds you that you are alive and breathing.
• Move your body – You don’t have to do an intense workout before breakfast necessarily but moving the body even a little is a great way to get the blood flowing. Simply doing a few stretches is a great option.
• Take time for having a healthy breakfast – Rather than having a box of cereal, focus on having real foods in your body like eggs, soaked oats, or smoothies.


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