6 practical tips to Overcome Depression

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Depression is one of the leading causes of the disability, missed of work, broken relationships and many more. There are chances that you or someone you know will suffer from it in your lifetime. It is truly one of the most destructive of diseases, that it snatches your ability to enjoy life. Activities that you used to enjoy always will leave you feeling alone. Interacting with friends and family can also be overwhelming.

Here are the 6 practical tips to overcome depression:
Go outside: Exposure to the bright sunlight for some minutes a day either through sunlight or any light made for this helps you to keep your internal clock correct. This circadian rhythm helps you to regulate your sleep and wake cycle and insures a good sleep which in turn helps your physical and mental health.

Aerobic exercise: 30 minutes of exercise or aerobics at 3 times in a week will work great for your health and it also releases stress. You don’t have to run a marathon or like athlete just run up to your stamina. Walking also works wonders.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 acids are aid in the neuron connectivity of brain. Go for a good multi-vitamin and try to avoid overly processed foods in favor of complex carbohydrates, fish, meats and vegetables.

Sleep: Change your routine of sleep so that it will be more conducive to a rest at night. Turn the lights off and go to bed at the same time every night.

Socialize: Remember the family and community are the ones to fall back on for support. Involve yourself with close friends and family and spent a good time with them frequently.

Watch your thoughts: Be aware of those times you dwell on the negatives in your life both real and imagined and stop them. It takes work and time but if you constantly tell or remind yourself to ‘stop it’ when you start to go over the negative thoughts.


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