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Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like Starbucks? Probably not. The famous coffee chain caters to everyone’s tastes, whether you like tea, coffee, hot drinks or cold there is something for everyone at Starbucks. For that reason the chance of getting a complementary $100 Starbucks Gift Card simply by filling in your email address sounds like a great idea! It is the season to be jolly and everyone, ever Starbucks, is pulling out all the stops to make this a memorable Christmas and New Year. You can start your New Year with a bang and enjoy all the delicious food and drinks Starbucks has to offer, all with your $100 Gift Card.

If you are lucky enough to receive a $100 Starbucks Gift Card you can choose to take the whole family out for a treat, enjoy endless coffees on your lunch break or give the Gift Card to a loved one as a birthday present. With the economy the way it is if you can get something-for-nothing it has to be a good deal! This is even more so with treats like Starbucks offers.

All about Starbucks

Starbucks specializes in handcrafted beverages, light meals and snacks all using the highest possible standard of ingredients. Their brand has been a hit since its humble beginnings in Seattle in 1971. Today they are the largest coffeehouse in the world after British rival Costa Coffee. Starbucks has 21,160 stores in 63 countries. Of these 12,067 Starbucks outlets are in the USA so you won’t have any problem finding where to use your $100 Starbucks Gift Card.

What can you get with your $100 Starbucks Gift Card?

As you can imagine $100 will buy you a lot of coffee and Starbucks treats. Just to whet your appetite here is a sample of what is on a typical Starbucks menu. Ice coffee lovers go crazy for the frappuccinos of different flavors and ice coffees with caramel, ice-cream or chocolate. Try the Fizzio handcrafted sodas, freshly brewed coffee, Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices, iced tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, green tea latte, iced chai tea latte or the unique Teavana Oprah chai tea latte. As the names get more complicated the drinks get more delicious like the double chocolaty chip crème frappuccino. Especially for the Christmas season Starbucks have come up with the chestnut praline latte, the peppermint mocha, the gingerbread latte, eggnog latte and the caramel brulee latte. The food menu includes yogurt and fruit, sandwiches, panini, salads, hot breakfasts, pastries and Evolution Harvest health bars. Especially for the holiday season they have added a cranberry bliss bar, frosted snowman cookie and gingerbread loaf to the menu. Now your mouth should be watering!

If you don’t want to indulge in the delicious drinks and food on offer at Starbucks then you could use your $100 Starbucks Gift Card to buy packets of freshly ground coffee beans or mugs to give as gifts. For a chance to get your $100 Starbucks Gift Card all you have to do is fill in your email address. This could be the most delicious holiday season ever!


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