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Jeffry Rozalskan

Jeffry Rozalskan

Jeffry Rozalskan is a copywriter, blogger, and marketing consultant who is passionate about creativity and smart decision making. When not insanely busy, he enjoys spending quality time with his nephews.

What Does Science Have to Say About Sex?

Like all areas of human existence sex is a subject of science research. Why? Well, to try and make our lives more fulfilled, to perfect the sexual experience and to


Which Education is Better For Your children?

Democratic education is defined as an educational ideal where the principles of democracy are both the goal of the education and the means of instruction. Democratic values are used in

online education

The Best Online University in the World

It is possible to get a degree from the comfort of your own home but not all online universities are created equally. Each year several respected websites, institutions, newspapers and


What is the Fastest Way to get a Loan?

We have all had the experience of standing in line at the bank and having to go through numerous interviews and fill in many forms before the bank will even