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Emma O'Donnell is a New York-based reporter with her expertise in heath, finance, technology, telecommunication and media.

Why it’s better to do an exchange student in china

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Study in china is a all new experience and the student can experience living in one of the most dynamic countries in the world. Since some years, the importance of china is growing at an extraordinary rate. A study abroad semester in China is like a investment into your future. Asia exchange constitutes two universities  … Read more

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Building an online business starts with a good domain name. Since 1999, has been helping business owners and entrepreneurs create their online presence and find the domain


Canada’s Best Workplaces 2015

A research firm has done the research named great place to work and it has revealed the Canadian list. This Canadian list is the part of the world’s largest annual


The Perfect Balanced Diet For Children

To eat a “balanced” diet kids need to eat certain essential nutrients. 1. Macronutrients – Protein, carbohydrates and fats, the big three macronutrients are needed for growth, metabolism and other body

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How to Add 20 Years to Your Life

If you think that your years of life depends on how long your grandparents and parents live, you are only partly right. Of course, genetics certainly have an impact on


Brilliant Doritos Commercial!

Brilliant Doritos Commercial! The Super Bowl ads once again stole the show for many viewers, despite a nail-biting end to the New England Patriots’ win over the Seattle Seahawks. WATCH THE VIDEO


Feel Like a Burger?

How would you like to spoil yourself with a delicious meal at Burger King? Invite your friends and family and you can all eat like kings at Burger King. This


Beauty is an Eye Shadow Away!

CoverGirl is one of the leading names in make-up, the band features on TV's Top Model and other prominent shows where celebrities use the top quality products. You may or